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University of Coimbra Mobility Program

University of Coimbra program for the SM Weld SMS includes one compulsory course and four optional courses. The optional courses should be selected among a list of subjects considered of interest in the field of welding science and engineering (CWST). In addition, the students are also entitled to select one course, that they may consider of interest, from any of the programs offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Coimbra (CMEC).

In brief, each student should attend five courses (30 ECTS), which can be combined as follows:

  • 1 compulsory course + 4 CWST
  • 1 compulsory course + 3 CWST + 1 CMEC

Program Duration: 5 months (30 ECTS credits)

Location: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Coimbra. Portugal

Positions available: 4

Programme start: Early September, 2017

Advanced welding technologies (PDM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
CWST - List of optional courses considered of interest in the field of welding science and engineering
(The students should select three or four courses from the list below)
Materials Science and Engineering (MEM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
Advanced Characterization Techniques (MEM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
Materials Selection and Processing (MIEM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
Advanced Technologies (MIEM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
Mechanical Technology III (MIEM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
Computational Mechanics in Technology (MIEM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIEM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
Flexible Production Systems (MEGI) 6 ECTS Syllabus
Maintenance (MIEM) 6 ECTS Syllabus
CMEC - Mechanical Engineering Department programs
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